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It all started over a year ago with an idea. Now they are here: the first organic and Fairtrade certified condiments in the world. With organic and Fairtrade ingredients DeliFair support small organizations of farmers and their employees in several countries worldwide.

A shared meal was the birth moment of the DeliFair sauces. Oliver Goethe, the Fairtrade expert, Susanne Wilberg, the nutrition and food expert, and Dorothée Hackethal, owner of a web agency and a cooking school as well as being a marketing expert, pondered how one could make Fairtrade, organics, sauces, and pleasure join into one product.

Then something became very clear, namely what this world until now has been missing: Fairtrade sauces that are also organic, that have a genuine taste and that are completely without artificial food additives. DeliFair sauces are thus not only containing ingredients from fair trade, but they are also certified organic, vegan, free from flavor enhancers, synthetic pesticides, as well as gluten and yeast. 

Many obstacles to the first sauce 

In the development of a DeliFair sauce, there are many challenges. The start is at the development of a tasty recipe, the acquisition of ingredients corresponding the German production organic and Fairtrade quality, and that also meet the stringent requirements of the Fairtrade initiative.

It was a big challenge to fulfill the completion of exquisite sauces that only consist of natural and organic ingredients, and that are also free from artificial flavorings and artificial preservatives – and that, on top of all this, have fantastic flavor that surpassed our expectations.  

The range is complete with the sauces Smoky Gaucho, a smoky BBQ sauce, Oishii, a teriyaki sauce with real ginger and sesame pieces, and Ganesha, a bananalicious and creamy curry sauce. Our chili sauce is however due to the global shortage of organic / Fairtrade tomato paste first to once again be delivered from April 2017.