It is striking how many ideas for new businesses that are created in a relaxed environment at a dining table. Our idea begins the same way.

One evening, as the three of us - Doro, Susanne, and Oli - sat together and talked about different trips and the specific flavors that we experienced on these trips, we asked ourselves: Has the taste really only to do with the relaxed vacation atmosphere?

We think not. The real reason is the freshness of the produce. This you can’t find anywhere, in many cases the really fresh produce can only be found in the most remote places of the world. 

How did we come up with the idea and also managed to present a sauce that is both organic and Fairtrade? This is mainly due to the careers of our founders.


There are many challenges involved in the production of a DeliFair sauce. Organic/Fairtrade products are genuine natural products and one can due to the climatic conditions in their countries of origin not always rely on their availability, what one is used to in terms of industrially manufactured products.

The procurement of raw materials, however, was only one of several challenges. To prepare a sauce full of natural ingredients that are free from flavor enhancers, artificial flavorings, and preservatives is really not as easy as one might think. The flavor of our sauce even exceeded our expectations, something that we are very proud of.

And we are delighted that you love it, too!